Air Carrier Licence Number: 030059

Licence Number: 030059
Air Carrier Name: Algonquin Airlink Inc.
Nationality: Canada
Type of Licence: Domestic
Country of Service: Canada
Class of Service: Small aircraft
Licence Status: Full cancellation

Orders related to the licence

Order Number Nature of Application Finding
2017-A-42 Suspend Licence (Initiated by Agency) Licence suspended/may be cancelled

Decisions related to the licence

Decision Number Nature of Application Finding
250-A-2003 New Licence Application Licence Issued
215-A-2005 Suspend Licence at carrier's request Licence suspended/must reapply
577-A-2005 Reinstatement of Licence requested by carrier Licence suspension lifted

Information on the carrier's air operator certificate and aircraft operated can be found at the Transport Canada site.